World Music Drumming: More New Ensembles and Songs


Will Schmid's latest book and playalong CD, World Music Drumming: MORE New Ensembles and Songs, further supplements the original World Music Drumming curriculum. These new pieces further expand the drumming spectrum to include new culture areas and contemporary drumming styles.


  • Gone to Jamaica
  • Lord of the Bodhran Dance w/ "Patsy Ory Ory Aye"
  • Oh, Watch the Stars
  • Sun Child
  • Brazil 3-3-2 w/ "Jesu the Baby"
  • In the High Andes
  • Earth Drum w/ "I Walk in Beauty", "Yo-Shi-Nai"
  • Aleleoila
  • Peanut Butter Jam
  • Blue Ramble
  • Alle, Alle, Alle

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