Beat for Peace™ Implementation Manual

Michael Kane, school counselor and co-founder (with Paul Corbiere) of the Beat for Peace™ drum circle intervention (Palm Beach, FL) has published the Beat for Peace™ Implementation Manual ©2004. Designed to build respectful, responsible, and resilient children within a school community through the combined power of musical drum circles and counseling, Beat for Peace uses the World Music Drumming curriculum to provide activities and ensembles for drumming and the small group counseling skills of the school counselor for the “talking” portion of the intervention. The synergy is created when the two professionals work side by side towards a common goal of promoting improved attendance, behavior and academic achievement. The Beat for Peace™ Implementation Manual provides ready-to-use timelines, contracts, forms, self-evaluation tools and assessment surveys to help you start you own drum circle intervention. For more information contact Mike at or visit their website at

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