By Will Schmid © 2015

A Cross-Cultural Curriculum Enhanced With Song & Drum Ensemble Recordings, Projectable/Printable PDFs and Video Demonstrations

Since 1996, World Music Drumming has transformed lives and built community through ensemble drumming, singing, moving, playing xylophones and recorders. Students have developed focus, listening, teamwork, and respect while having the best time anyone can have in school.

Now in over 20,000 schools worldwide — we are celebrating this success by publishing the landmark World Music Drumming 20th Anniversary Teacher Edition. The ALL-IN-ONE format of the 20th Anniversary Teacher Edition adds the following teacher and classroom-friendly elements:

  • An enhanced curriculum sequence including 20 years of "best practice" — creative ideas and teaching strategies from WMD faculty and participants.

  • 16 audio recordings of each ensemble and song — including arrangements

  • 47 "how-to" videos by Will Schmid including special Ghana-filmed segments.

  • 28 projectable / printable PDFs for cultural enrichment, assessment and ensemble parts

  • e-Book with interactive audio, video and PDF icons

Book/DVD Package - $86 postage & tax paid

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