Non-Credit tuition for all workshops:

Tuition + 3 Graduate Semester Credits (VanderCook College of Music):  

"Drum It Forward", for full-time college students (including spring or summer graduates); University teacher with registered university student(s) is also eligible for this option (one university faculty member per school):

Online Registration:

ONLINE registration: Live in October. 

Proceed to the "overview" menu and scan the class descriptions and geographical settings available.  A drop-down menu of dates and venue locations will be available under the navigation title “Online Registrations”. Each location will have an active link to further information and registration options.

Mail/E.mail Registration:

For those using check or purchase order: Complete the registration materials and either submit as e.mail, or print and mail registration form. The registration form will be available as a edit-access pdf, in mid-October.



Email:, for information on registration and securing materials

You will receive a confirmation by email and/or mail.

Music Workshops, Ltd. Security Policy All credit card, social security or other sensitive personal information on paper is shredded after receipt and not sold or shared with outside agencies or individuals. The one exception is that we must give information (name, address, SS#) on credit students to VanderCook College of Music.