VanderCook College of Music (accredited by North Central and NASM)

 Graduate Course and Credit Information

 All of the 2018 summer courses may be taken either for a non-credit fee from Music Workshops, Ltd. ($569) OR for 3 graduate semester credits ($889) from VanderCook College of Music. Registration for the 3 G credit courses is entirely through Music Workshops, Ltd. No additional application is necessary. Do not contact VanderCook College of Music to register; they will only send you back to us. The 2018 course numbers are listed below:

World Music Drumming Level 1:   7128

World Music Drumming Level 2:  7138

World Music Drumming Level 3:  7148

Drumming Up the Fun:                 7158

Kids, Choir, and Drums:                7168

Curriculum Update:                      7178

Beyond Basics:                             7188

Walt Hampton Hot Marimba:        7198

WH Hot Marimba Lvl 2:                7208

Drum Around the World:              7218

Upgrading to Graduate Credit from a Prior Non-credit Tuition Registration

It is possible for you to upgrade from a prior Non-credit Tuition ($569) to 3 G Credits ($889) by paying the $320 difference. It is common for a school district to pay the non-credit fee and for teachers to upgrade at their own expense. Within the first three days of the workshop, mail a check for $320 to Music Workshops, Ltd, PO Box 3697, Minneapolis, MN 55403. OR mail credit card information (include CC#, full name visible on CC, expiration date, 3-digit CVS#, zip code associated with the card).  

Include the following information in your mailing:  Name, SS#, US Citizen (yes or no), last college attended, highest degree granted (letters only, ie., BME, etc.).

Requirements for receiving a satisfactory grade if registered for credit

  • Full attendance at all class meetings. Please plan on spending at least eight-to-ten hours each day.
  • Completion of the Curriculum Project (submitted 2-3 weeks after workshop).
  • Content of your Curriculum Project:
    • The purpose of the Curriculum Project is to apply workshop concepts to your teaching needs.
    • It is usually better to spend several days with your instructor before deciding on a project, or feel free to discuss it by email:
    • Project options samples include:
      • Develop lesson plans for bringing workshop ideas back to your students.
      • Write a research paper on a workshop-related topic of your choosing.
      • Write plans to integrate workshop material into other parts of the school curriculum
      • Develop teaching materials (arrangements, visuals, videos, computer programs/apps, smartboard materials, etc.)
      • Write a grant to obtain funding necessary to buy instruments for your students.
  • Submitting the Curriculum Project
    • Information about project submission options (email, mail, etc.) will be given at the workshop graduate credit meeting held on the first day. Most projects get emailed to, graduate advisor for the program. Save your document as a pdf before sending, and title it the following way: VENUELASTNAMECLASS (example: WABOURNELEVEL1).
    • If projects must be mailed (no signature required), send to:
      • Patty Bourne, 3908 E. Maryland St., Bellingham, WA 98226
  • Grade and Attendance Verification
    • VanderCook will send a grade report to you by after all work is finished and grades are assigned.
  • Official transcripts are available from VanderCook College of Music

VanderCook Course Numbers for 2018: will be released in early spring