World Music Drumming is first and foremost a learning community, engaging teachers and community leaders in professional development workshops. Our focus is classroom drumming, singing, and movement in the style of the music of West Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Offered every summer in multiple locations, the workshops are designed 

for music educators seeking to: 

• expand their instructional tool-box with student-centered sequential lessons, strategies, and units that ENGAGE learners in music making
• explore SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL learning for ALL students, with key words like teamwork, focus, respect, ensemble    
• learn the historical and social principles of West African, Latin and Caribbean drumming and song
• complement music programs built on National Core Arts Standards                                                                                                     

for leaders in classroom and community music seeking to:

• connect with learners in aural traditions
recharge their instructional batteries with summer professional development training
• build leadership skills through collaboration 

The World Music Drumming Curriculum is written for use by all in a classroom and/or other music making setting: Regardless of experience, success and being a part of the “ensemble” is key to the curriculum.

Participants are encouraged to read through the course descriptions to ensure a great ‘match’ for summer professional development options with the World Music Drumming course offerings.