Workshop Class Schedule

Monday-Thursday (9:00-5:00) and Friday, 9:00-12:00. (The exception to this rule is the Milwaukee WI setting).
All workshop participants receive a certificate and letter indicating 32 hours (40 in WI) of course instruction.

World Music Drumming Course Offerings and Descriptions

World Music Drumming – Level 1
For teachers, counselors, community recreation leaders, church musicians, and players who would like to learn the basics of West African and Caribbean drumming, singing, and moving through the World Music Drumming Curriculum, written by Dr. Will Schmid. Participants will learn how to implement and apply the curriculum within a classroom and/or community setting. The Level 1 class assumes no prior experience with drumming and serves as an excellent introduction for including drumming within a sequentially based set of lessons and units.  Level 1 can be repeated. Workshop Text: World Music Drumming 20th Anniversary Teacher Edition.  (See publications)

World Music Drumming – Beyond the Basics
Play, Sing, Move, Drum. This fun course is for those who have taken WMD Level 1 and want to expand their repertoire, skills, and strategies. Enhance your WMD teaching through games and movement; new songs, chorals, and program ideas; new ensembles and styles; arranging, composing, and accompanying techniques. Programmed in the Milwaukee site only, this course encourages participants to bring a guitar or ukulele, song ideas, notation program, and questions. Bring your copy of the World Music Drumming 20th Anniversary Teacher Edition and any other World Music Publications you own. (Not available in 2020)

World Music Drumming – Level 2
For those who have taken Level 1 and wish to deepen their application of the World Music Drumming Curriculum as well as improve musical skills and teaching effectiveness. Each day, Level 2 participants work with a variety of faculty, including Sowah Mensah -- Ghanaian drumming, singing, movement, Ghanaian flute, adenkum gourds, and gyil (xylophone), and/or Josh Ryan -- Cuban, Afro-Cuban, Ghanian drumming, songs, and dance, and WMD faculty -- guiding participants in enhanced experiences with the curriculum and additional materials from other sources. Many choose to repeat this course. Level 2 participants will use the 20th Anniversary Edition (2015), World Music Drumming Curriculum (see publications).

World Music Drumming – Level 3
For those who have taken Levels 1 and 2. Course content includes drumming, singing, and dancing from Ghana (Ga, Akan, Ewe peoples), gyil xylophone ensembles from Northern Ghana, Ghanaian flute playing, adenkum gourds, and Cuban/Afro-Cruban drumming, singing.    Level 3 is taught by Sowah Mensah and Josh Ryan. While not required, it is strongly recommended that participants experience both Josh Ryan and Sowah Mensah during Level 1 and/or Level 2. No text required; however, participants are encouraged to become familiar with publications available at

Drumming Up the Fun
This workshop is intended for early childhood and early elementary classroom and music educators, introducing modifications to the World Music Drumming curriculum. The workshop provides participants with ready-to-use drumming activities for preK-grade 2 and the skills and practice to create even more activities for your classroom. It explores a variety of World Music Drumming ensembles in their original versions, then modifies them for children ages 3-8 combining familiar songs and chants. Taught by Melissa Blum, this class also focuses on sound stories — a medium for introducing young children to playing techniques, improvisation skills, and respect for drums, world percussion, and other small percussion instruments. No text required. 

Kids, Choir & Drums
This workshop is geared toward elementary- and middle-school teachers of vocal music, including music educators, church group leaders, and community group leaders. Individuals with all levels of music instruction are welcome and previous drumming experience isn’t necessary. Lynn Brinckmeyer teaches this fun, information packed course, presenting strategies for singing (including reading through complimentary choral octavos), movement, and drumming. No text required. Complimentary octavos provided with support from JW Pepper and Hal Leonard publishing.

Walt Hampton Hot Marimba – Level 1
This workshop is taught by Walt Hampton, famous for popularizing the vibrant Zimbabwean-style marimba playing found in his publications Hot Marimba! and Marimba Mojo!. Participants will experience first-hand the benefits and excitement of Zimbabwean-style marimba music in their classroom. You will learn playing and teaching techniques as well as gain background information on arranging and composing for this ensemble. Most of the arrangements studied are also playable on Orff-type xylophones. No text required.

Brazilian Drum, Sing, Dance
Participants work with master teacher/clinician/Brazilian musician Estêvão Marques Ferreira Rocha, in a weeklong experience in Brazilian music. Especially geared for music educators, Estêvão brings activities and resources for classroom settings that emerge from his publications, international workshop presentations, and daily practice with kids.

Walt Hampton Hot Marimba – Level 2
Hot Marimba gets even hotter.  The new Level 2 workshop is located in Walt Hampton’s hometown of Richland, WA. This workshop will explore more difficult repertoire, more challenging techniques, and how to get your advanced marimba players to duplicate those techniques. Walt will also deal with more advanced musical concepts such as polyrhythms, unusual note groupings, and odd meter signatures. Level 2 will go much more in-depth with composition and arranging. The pre-requisite for Level 2 is to have taken the Level 1 workshop at least once. No text required.